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CHIPS Nov/Dec 2014

ASD - Planttelersregte.pdf
ASD - Planttelersregte-Variëteitslys en dies meer.pdf
Economical news - Hoe vergelyk die aartappel- produksiestreke onderling.pdf
Economical news - How does the SA potato industry compare with its USA counterpart.pdf
Economical news - Potato session agri benchmark.pdf
From the archives and Diary.pdf
Industry services - Sandveld kultivarproef onder besproeiing op Aurora.pdf
Industry services - Sandveld kultivarproef onder besproeiing op Graafwater.pdf
Industry services - Sandveld kultivarproef.pdf
Industry services - Wes-Vrystaat kultivarproef onder droëlandtoestande op Kroonstad.pdf
Industry services - Wes-Vrystaat kultivarproef onder besproeiing op Bultfontein.pdf
International news.pdf
Local news- Land reform.pdf
Local news- Mooketsi Market opens its doors for business.pdf
Marketing - Investigating the innovativeness of the potato product offering to South African consumers from a food preference trend perspective.pdf
Prokon - Prokon nuus.pdf
Regional news - Sandveld Aartappel-Golfdag.pdf
Regional news - Suidwes-Vrystaat Groentoer.pdf
Regional news - Suidwes-Vrystaat.pdf
Resepte - Gammon served with Crispy Stripy Lime and Parsley Potatoes.pdf
Skyfie says.pdf
Technical news - “Impact Recording Device”.pdf
Technical news - Alernatiewe vir chemiese beheer van opslagaartappels.pdf
Technical news - Duimnaelkrake van nader bekyk.pdf
Technical news - Kursus in grond gesondheid.pdf
Technical news - Reeks oor na-oesverrotting van aartappels VI.pdf
Technical news - Vergrote lentiselle kan na-oes verrotting vererger.pdf
Transformasie - Small holder potato projects are attracting more attention.pdf
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